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Trust the automotive service technicians at Mainland Ford Service Centre to perform all your vehicle maintenance and repairs. Our expert mechanics are your dependable source for common services like tune-ups and oil changes. Our specialty lies, though, in mechanical repairs for Ford vehicles as well as all other makes and models.

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Routine car maintenance helps to keep your vehicle running smoothly over time. The professionals at Mainland Ford Service Centre have the knowledge and skill to diagnose and repair any automotive service problems you may face along the road. To keep your Ford vehicle running smoothly, contact the automotive experts at Mainland Ford and schedule an appointment for a complete vehicle inspection. Our service technicians will run complete diagnostic tests to ensure your Ford vehicle stays on the road for the long haul.

Check out a few of our most common services below and give us a call or fill out the simple request form to schedule an appointment today. With our Drive Home Happy Guarantee, you can be sure that you receive only the best customer and car repair service possible.

Oil Change

While they are the most common maintenance service, oil changes can cause big problems if skipped. Depending on the model Ford vehicle and how many miles your car has, you typically need to schedule an oil change every 3,000-10,000 miles. A new vehicle may need the service performed less frequently, but over time, oil changes should increase to reduce the buildup of dirt and debris. This inexpensive service is an easy way to preserve the value of your Ford.

Refer to your vehicle owner’s manual or give the professionals at Mainland Ford a call to see how often you should bring your car in for an oil change.


Brake Fluid Exchange

Water and air absorption decreases the effectiveness of your vehicle’s brake system. Over time, the buildup of dirty fluid in your brake lines causes corrosion. To maintain a safe braking system, bring your Ford vehicle in for a brake fluid exchange. This service increases stopping distance and extends the brake system’s lifespan.

Contact the Mainland Ford Service Centre to find out how often this service needs to be performed, or check the owner’s manual for specific recommendations. The service mileage ranges widely, with some vehicles suggesting every 20,000 miles and some only needing a brake fluid exchange every 100,000 miles.

Coolant Flush & Replacement

Depending on the time of year and your location, the temperature can change frequently for your vehicle’s engine. To keep the engine from either freezing or overheating, clean coolant is necessary. Coolant works by maintaining a steady temperature in your car’s engine. But over time, this coolant becomes tainted with dirt, water, and other debris. This hinders the car’s ability to maintain a safe temperature zone, and can eventually mean more complex issues for your Ford vehicle.

Refer to the owner’s manual or call us today to see when you should bring your car in for a coolant flush and replacement. This routine maintenance service can save you from unexpected and costly repairs in the future.

Free Ford Recall Check

Your safety is the first priority for the team at Mainland Ford Service Centre. With our free online recall check, our customers can trust that every part of their Ford vehicle is safe. Complete the free recall check form to see if there are any current recalls out on your vehicle.

Ford Service Specials

Mainland Ford Service Centre offers automotive service specials, including discounts on oil changes, brake repair, and other special offers. These discounts get updated continuously, so be sure to check back regularly to see the latest specials.

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