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Stop worrying about worn tires and your safety on the road.  A high number of car accidents in Canada happen due to tire and traction related issues. Don’t wait! Get a set of tires to make sure you are in control of your safety today!  Get your Price Match Promise but only at Mainland Ford!

The performance of your tires is absolutely critical to the safety and operation of your vehicle. With Canada’s extreme weather changes, ensuring your tires are ready for the upcoming season is of the utmost importance. Summer tires, all-weather, and winter tires are all designed to handle different road and weather conditions, and each is affected by the changing weather in different ways. As a result, keeping an eye on your tires throughout the year is vitally important. Regardless, of whether you need tires for your car, truck, or SUV, we have the best-priced tires for you -- regardless of the season. We even have year-round discount tires to help save you money, while making sure you ride safer on the roads of Vancouver, BC.

Switching to the right tires seasonally and frequently checking for optimal pressure levels are on the list of top priorities in safe driving. Now you can keep winter and summer tires and all at an affordable price.

Stay safe and drive in style on the road with Mainland Ford’s Price Match Promise! Call us or come visit Mainland Ford today while the supplies last. Mainland Ford wishes you a safe driving experience at all times on the road.