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At Mainland Ford, our Financial Services team is committed to you and your investment. We are your resource, and will look after all aspects of your vehicle purchase. As such, we offer an extended warranty is designed to offer peace of mind for you and your car. Once the original manufacturer warranty ends, the extended warranty will serve to protect you from unexpected repair costs.

Do I need an extended warranty?

Every vehicle from Mainland Ford comes with a limited factory warranty, and our extended warranty plan picks up exactly where the manufacturer warranty leaves off. This is designed to help you avoid the stress of unexpected repair bills and to keep your financial investment protected. As your vehicle ages, the cost of repairs will increase, which is when you need protection the most. Our extended warranty plan also offers roadside assistance to provide service and protection in event of a blown tire, you’ve run out of gas, or locked your keys in the car. We are always here to help!

An extended warranty can also make your car potentially more valuable when it comes time to sell it. Most extended warranties that we offer are transferable to new owners, along with the vehicle, which allows you to recover value.

Mainland Ford offers a wide range of extended warranty coverage levels -- ranging from bumper-to-bumper warranties to options that cover features like radios and power windows. With all of our available options, you’re guaranteed to find coverage at a price range that suit your needs.

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