Get Pre-Approved Financing

Why Apply at the Mainland Ford Lending Centre?

Our Mainland Ford Lending Centre has several skilled Financial Services Managers whose chief function is to arrange your vehicle financing in a swift and comprehensive manner when you purchase a new or used vehicle.

Our Financial Services Managers are skilled automotive specialists who put their training and skills to work by acting as vehicle loan brokers within the dealership, similar to a mortgage broker. Mainland Ford has established partnerships with numerous Canadian chartered banks including Scotiabank, TD Bank, Bank of Montreal, Royal Bank and many others. These banks have special departments called Dealer Plan Lending Centres that work directly with our dealership to provide convenient and speedy automotive loans to our customers.

It is the job of our Financial Services Managers to negotiate the best possible interest rates and terms from our various Dealer Plan partners for you, our customers. Because of the volume of loans that we broker to the chartered banks, we are able to pass on to our customers lower preferred interest rates. And since our Financial Services Managers have the authority to draw up the vehicle loan agreements on behalf of the chartered bank, you never have to visit a bank branch. So what are you waiting for? Apply online today at Mainland Ford!

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