F150 Power Stroke Diesel – Now Taking Orders!

F150 DIESEL Is Available Now at Mainland Ford!

Mainland Ford is taking orders NOW for Power Stroke F150 Diesel! What are the notable features of F150 DIESEL? It is Ford’s best-selling half-ton pick up truck F150 with a mega upgrades of the brute strength of Power Stroke diesel V-8s!! Bravo!

Thanks to the Ford engineering team’s rigorous research, this beasty truck has an output fixed at 250 horsepower and a maximum of 440 lb-ft of torque reaching up to a usable 1750 rpm. F150 DIESEL promises to deliver the best-in-class torque and towing numbers while still sipping fuel at an estimated 9.5 L/100 km on highways, so it is safe to call it a truck with efficient muscles.

This very special F150 DIESEL is available NOW for you via pre-order at Mainland Ford! Enjoy this extravagant upgrades and front line technology forged by Ford! It’s an exciting time to get into a Ford F150.

Ask any questions about this magnificent F150 Diesel Ford Truck by Filling in the form below! Mainland Ford team can provide you with all the answers to satisfy your F150 DIESEL curiosity.

F150 Diesel

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