Are You Ready For Black Friday?

Are You Ready For Black Friday?

Are you ready for that crazy deal offered only once a year? Wicked Black Friday offers are up and running now and you can save up to $16,000 in available discounts. It’s the biggest chance to save, so do not miss this opportunity. It ends November 27th. Do not miss out and visit Mainland Ford today to find out what the hype is all about!
You can also get up to 6 months no payments or up to $30,000 Cash Back – Just ASK US HOW!
Save up now at Mainland Ford because winter is coming.

Are You Ready for Black Friday?

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All offers are subject to approval conditions (OAC).No payments for 6 months means payments are deferred not skipped. Full term of payments are still required to be paid in full to satisfy the terms of the finance contract. Payments would commence 6 months after contract date. Interest accrues during the payment free time based on contractual terms and must be satisfied regardless if full payment is made at any point. Cash back amount is added to the vehicle loan and included in the payments. All offers are net of all rebates and incentives and no 2 offers can be combined. Offers expire at close on November 27th, 2017. DL#40139