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2020 Ford Escape

Interactive Video

We are please to present our first fully interactive video.

Please click on the image to the left and take it out for a spin.

Are you 'stuck' and don't know what to do?

Have you ever thought about a long term career in our industry?

Our profession is never boring and the team environment is AWESOME!

Pursue a career that can grow with you. Take a moment and listen to Sebastian's first had experiences with Mainland Ford.

Are you a Millennial? Looking for a rewarding career in the auto industry? Then don't apply here at Mainland Ford. Take if from me, veteran car man Ken Moss. Stay away.

Here in B.C. we love to get out there and explore, and we want to make sure your vehicle allows you to do that. We don't just build our trucks to look good, we build them to work hard and get you where you want to go comfortably. From lift kits, to tires, to light bars, we can install it all.

Hablas EspaƱol? Our resident Spanish-speaking salesman, Oscar, is here to help you through the process of buying a new car in your language!

The future of tough is here, so you can get the most from your truck. It all starts with a cab and box fabricated from high-strength, military grade, aluminium alloys.
This generation is up to 700 pounds (317 kg) lighter than the previous one, resulting in better fuel efficiency, greater towing and payload capacities, impressive power-to-weight ratio for faster acceleration, enhanced handling and brake responsiveness.
It can also deliver best-in-class payload. It also offers capability with no compromise on ride, handling and braking and features that redefine the cab and pickup box.

Go on a test drive with Richard in a brand new 2017 Ford Mustang.